The core of our business is providing solutions that is user friendly and at the same time providing the best efficient service for your business needs. We understand the need that is out there and how our service can help you. 

At EGRID Technology PTE LTD we provide ICT services in different areas and the core of our services is on ICT Networking using the MikroTik & Duxtel Solutions. Our technical background ranges from Fiber Optic Specialist (Land & Underwater), Data Cabling & Voice Specialist, MikroTik Engineers & Consultants. MikroTik is a new solution in Fiji that has been proven effective by the Ministry of Education Heritage & Arts in its schools where ISP connectivity in intermittent or limited. The solution not only offers stable connectivity to ISP where ISP's connectivity is intermittent, it also offers the Wi-Fi capability with a range of 50 meters. The MikroTik solution can be tailored to suit the need of the organization, whether its blocking certain websites & managing data & bandwidth per user. See our MikroTik page to find out more about the solution.

EGRID Technology is an authorized reseller of Duxtel in Fiji. Duxtel is an Australia based company specializing in Data, Telco, Networking and Wi-Fi solutions. Duxtel offers solutions to suit industry needs like the Duxtel Commander offering advanced Networking Management Solutions. Duxtel also offers solutions for Hotels/Accommodation, Conference & Trade Show Venues, Sports & Entertainment Venues, Internet Cafe & HotSpot Providers, Local Government, ISP's & Web Managers, Business Wireless Networks.

We are different from other networking competitors because we are unique in the solution we provide. We wont give you a solution that does not suit you, but we will provide the best for you and your business.